Fidelis Overview

Fidelis Diagnostics is a fast growing healthcare company providing a variety of innovative diagnostic services nationwide.

Since its inception in 2004 the company has built an exceptional reputation for its quality diagnostics, high standard of business ethics and outstanding service, improving the health of thousands of patients while reducing overall healthcare costs.

Fidelis is currently engaged in ElectroDiagnostics, Home Sleep Studies and Audiology Testing, servicing over 2,000 physicians across the country, providing excellent care for their patients while helping them expand their practice.

Fidelis Diagnostics is committed to always working with regulators and lawmakers to comply with all required governing laws.

Managed by a seasoned team of industry executives and supported by an outstanding Medical Board, Fidelis Diagnostics is positioned to continue its significant growth, seeking to add new cutting-edge diagnostic technologies to it scope of services and becoming a nationwide industry leader.