Fidelis Diagnostics Vision Statement

Fidelis Diagnostics’ vision is to be an industry and national leader in delivering the highest quality diagnostics, improving the health of our patients while reducing overall healthcare costs. We will earn our physicians and patients’ trust by providing superior service through continuous improvement driven by advanced technologies and the integrity, partnership, and excellence of the Fidelis Team.

Fidelis Diagnostics Core Values

The following are the Key Core Values carefully chosen by Fidelis Diagnostic management to lead our decision-making, actions and behavior in the years to come. We, the members of Fidelis Diagnostic management team, are committed to managing the company based on those values, making sure everything we do is in line with these principles and codes, establishing an environment in which all Fidelis’ employees are proud to be part of.

Quality — Fidelis will always deliver the highest quality diagnostics, by employing clinically-superior physicians and technologists and providing excellent service to our physicians-clients and patients.

Integrity — Fidelis will always operate in a legal, transparent, ethical manner, fully compliant with regards to regulatory requirements and instructions.

Leadership and Continuous Growth — Fidelis will be an industry and national leader in its areas of service, always several steps ahead of its competition, and will continuously work to grow the company and extend its value proposition.

Operational and Organizational Excellence — Fidelis will continuously implement leading edge technologies, processes and human resources practices to ensure its professional, efficient and effective operations, delivering superior cost-effective productive service.

Partnership — Fidelis will partner with its physicians-clients, patients, insurance providers, employees, suppliers, and share-holders creating a collaborative Win-Win environment, sharing the benefits of its unique service offering.