Fidelis and the ADA

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is an organization whose stated mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

  • The ADA  leads the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes and battles for all those affected by diabetes.
  • The ADA funds research to prevent, cure and manage diabetes.
  • The ADA delivers services to hundreds of communities.
  • The ADA provides objective and credible information.
  • The ADA gives voice to those denied their rights because of diabetes.

Since 2011 Fidelis Diagnostics has collaborated with the American Diabetes Association (ADA), as part of an effort to increase awareness of the vital importance of Foot Care in the prevention of amputations and the critical importance of Nerve testing in the diabetic patients.  In these patients, the increased risk of neurological complications and subsequent amputations can be addressed by nerve testing. These tests assist in evaluating and stratifying the patients for neurological damage.

Fidelis takes part in different events held by the ADA including “Walk Outs”. In these events, Fidelis takes pride in educating diabetic patients as well as their families and friends, on the importance of nerve testing in assessing their risk as well as the importance of controlling their blood sugar levels and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

During these events Fidelis provides a shortened nerve test and reflex exams to participants. These exams are performed by Fidelis’ highly trained technologists. Each participant receives a form listing the pertinent findings in case they need to refer to their doctor for further consultation.

Fidelis hopes that by collaborating with the ADA, more diabetic patients will become aware of Electro-Diagnostic testing and the importance of those tests to their future health.

Medicare guidelines for nerve studies recommend nerve testing for diabetic patients to diagnose suspected neuropathies and/or for differential diagnosis when other clinical options are being explored. Evaluating the progression of a nerve condition is crucial, and when symptoms are severe or fluctuating physicians may refer patients to recurrent tests, to ensure that the patient’s clinical situation is closely monitored.