Patient Services

ElectroDiagnostic testing is performed to evaluate the integrity and function of the peripheral nervous system and muscles in the extremities. NCS tests can determine whether or not there is nerve damage and the type and extent of damage present, whereas EMG studies evaluate the muscles and damage to the proximal nerve roots.

In order to provide you with the best treatment, it is important to first arrive at the most specific diagnosis. Qualifying and quantifying nerve damage is essential when evaluating a diagnosis and considering treatment.

The NCS test is unique in its ability to detect abnormalities of the peripheral nerves and provide information regarding the location and extent of damage to those nerves. This testing is vital in diagnosing nerve damage caused by local pressure such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome as well as Diabetic neuropathy and all other peripheral neuropathies. EMG is useful in its ability to both detect muscle abnormalities, and diseases that originate in the spinal cord (such as ALS- Lou Gehrig’s disease) or radiculopathies caused by nerve impingement by the spinal vertebrae.

Fidelis Diagnostics provides patients with a simple way to get tested in the familiarity and convenience of your Doctor’s office. We will make sure you are scheduled at a time convenient to you and contact you before the test to ensure that you have all the necessary information prior to the test.

The test will be interpreted by a board certified Neurologist or Physiatrist. The results will be sent to your doctor within 5 working days. The test results will include recommendations to ensure that you receive the best care and treatment.