Physician Services

  • Fidelis provides a “Turnkey solution” for Doctors and practices that include scheduling, patient confirmation, billing and customer service.
  • All equipment used in testing is state-of-the-art and top of the line.
  • Fidelis technologists are board-certified by the AAET (American Association of ElectroDiagnostic Technologists) and highly experienced in ElectroDiagnostic testing.
  • All tests are read and interpreted by expert physicians, boarded in Physical Rehabilitation and ElectroDiagnostics.

Fidelis Diagnostics ensures that the patient’s test result is objective and accurate as well as providing the physician with an excellent tool to follow the patient’s clinical progress.

Fidelis’ services can improve patient care and health outcomes by providing the physician with a clear clinical diagnosis of the patient’s medical condition.

Fidelis’ ease of scheduling and rapid response is convenient for physicians and in-house testing is convenient and reassuring for patients.

Fidelis’ model complies with all state and federal laws, and meets OIG “Due Diligence requirements” (supported by an ABA healthcare attorney).

For more information on Physician services provided by Fidelis- please contact Fidelis