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The human sleep/wake cycle is generally regulated by a biological clock. Regular periods of sleep enable the body and mind to rest and rebuild. Untreated, sleep disorders may have a number of hazardous effects on health and quality of life -ranging from high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disorders to cognitive weakening, headaches, degradation of social and work-related activities, and increased risk of car accidents.

Traditionally doctors would refer patients to sleep labs, where they would have to spend at least one night under observation. A number of obstacles presented themselves in acquiring an accurate and realistic perspective of a patient's typical sleep patterns. For example, spending a night in a sleep laboratory typically causes a patient to experience a condition known as "first night syndrome," involving disrupted sleep during the first few nights in an unfamiliar location. Moreover due to the high costs of sleep labs and their inconvenience, most patients prefer to decline the test- putting their health in risk.

Fidelis Diagnostics offers a different and much easier way to diagnose you sleep disorder, by using the WatchPAT- a home sleep study device. You can get tested in the comfort of your own home, while getting more accurate results, allowing you access to better treatments. The WatchPAT allows you to get tested for Sleep Apnea as early as the same evening if needed- and all instructions come with the device on an easy to use DVD.

The fact that most insurance plans cover the costs of the WatchPAT test, the ease of use as well as the rapid turn-around time for test results- make it the best tool to evaluate and improve you condition.