Fidelis Diagnostics Expands to Nevada

Fidelis Diagnostics, Inc., a rapidly growing healthcare company providing innovative diagnostic services nationally, announced the company will now offer  diagnostic and testing services throughout the state of Nevada to the medical community, worker’s compensation and self- insured organizations.

“Our company’s growth plans included expanding our testing services to Nevada and we are pleased  to announce that we are now fully operational to serve our clients  with our advanced diagnostic services throughout the state,” said Fidelis Diagnostics CEO Flynn Wilson. “As a leader in providing advanced diagnostic testing, Fidelis  clients benefit from our state-of the-art diagnostics, added value and reliable service,”

Since its founding in 2004, Fidelis has built an exceptional reputation for its quality diagnostics, high standard of business ethics and outstanding service, improving patient health with convenient testing, while reducing overall healthcare costs. Fidelis provides ElectroDiagnostics, Home Sleep Studies, Audiology Testing, H. pylori Testing, and ABI technology, to thousands of physicians and medical care networks across the United States.